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Welcome to our Website!

This is the page for the Boxing Club of FC St. Pauli in Hamburg. Since our foundation in 2007 we have become one of the largest boxing clubs in the city. All are welcome to participate in our training programme which is based on principles of fairness, sportsmanship, and partner-based practice. We offer several grades from beginner’s level to performance level through to competitive level. As a member of our club, we ask you to abide by the following principles:

  • Courtesy and respect for fellow club members and opponents;
  • Punctuality for training;
  • Consideration for less experienced members in mixed group training;
  • No discrimination against others due to their race, colour, religion, or because of gender or sexual orientation;

Training is divided in to four different groups: Beginners (group D), Advanced (Group C), Athletes (Group B), and Competitive (Group A). Coaches decide on membership of particular groups, and training times, and locations vary between groups.

Those that come for the first time are asked to attend the training hall on Friday evening at 20:00 on Laeiszstrasse 12.

If you are reading this translated page, it may be that you don’t speak fluent German. Training is conducted in German as it suits the majority of the members. It may be possible to have instructions explained in English or other languages, depending on who is present. If you are patient and willing to improvise, you could use it as an opportunity to improve your German!

Membership Group Monthly Payment Remarks
Adults (over 18 years old) 10,00 EUR Membership fee.
Children, Teenagers (up to 18 years old) 5,00 EUR Reduced membership fee.
Children and Teenagers from families whose parents receive benefits under SGB II, SGB XII or § 2 AsylbLG or housing benefit or child allowance (keyword „education package“) 0,00 EUR Documentation required. (Notice of authorization, The club bills the responsible authority).
Students, apprentices, unemployed, retired, military and civil service. 5,00 EUR Proof required. Students, apprenticeships benefit from reduced membership until the age of 27
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